Types of Piercings

Body piercing is practiced in several cultures across the globe. It is a form of body modification where parts of the body are punctured to insert jewelry. Body piercings are part of a modern trend, but the practice of adorning and piercing the body dates back to ancient times.

Both men and women engage in body piercing. The most common piercing area on the body is the ear. Other popular areas include the nose, tongue and navel. The reasons for piercing vary depending on culture. Here at Types of Piercings, you can learn about the history of piercings, different piercings spots and more.

Piercing History and Culture

Body piercings are a longstanding tradition for many cultures. Learn about where and when body piercings began.

History & Culture

Healing & Risks

Body piercing is very popular today, but there can be some risks involved. It's also important to know about the healing process.

Healing & Risks

Reasons for Piercing

Everyone has a motive for getting a piercing. Learn about the reasons why people pierce their bodies.

Reasons for Piercing

Tools for Piercing

Piercing a spot on the body can only be done with the right tools. Learn about the different tools that shops use for piercing.

Piercing Tools

Information About Piercings

Ear Piercings Facial & Oral Piercings Genital Piercings Surface Piercings